Rangers Football Club’s current safety certificate permits 114 wheelchair fans and 114 attendants at each match.

68 of these spaces are located in the West Enclosure, 35 East Enclosure, 4 in the Broomloan and 7 within the North West Corner.

The 103 spaces in the West & East Enclosure are used by Rangers fans and are split into season ticket holders and Match to Match (M2M) members. The current ratio is 93 season ticket holders and 7 Match to Match places. The other 7 spaces are used for Club requirements.

The Match to Match scheme has been designed to encourage wheelchair-using Rangers fans to attend individual matches and thereby help ensure the most efficient use of the available spaces. Match to Match tickets for the entire season are allocated equally amongst members of the Wheelchair Match to Match Scheme.

If you wish to be added to the wheelchair season ticket waiting list or the Match to Match Scheme please email ticketcentre@rangers.co.uk

The 7 spaces in the North West Corner are utilised by away fans, with the exception of Celtic who utilise the 4 seats in the Broomloan subject to availability. The allocation of these spaces is controlled by the away club.

Rangers And Disabled Go

Rangers have partnered with the UK’s most trusted accessibility checker DisabledGo to produce detailed accessibility information to Ibrox.

DisabledGo surveyors have visited and assessed the stadium on non-match days and also on match days to ensure that the information provided gives an accurate picture of what to expect when you visit us.

The information provided by DisabledGo is pan disability so in addition to covering wheelchair access they also provide information on what to expect from a sensory perspective, including information on Broxi’s Den which is our safe and quiet space and there is also lots information that would be useful for people that have a hidden disability.

DisabledGo have covered the car parking, all the stands, all toilets including every accessible toilet, eating and drinking facilities, the megastore, the ticket office and hospitality and conference facilities.

The DisabledGo information can be found HERE and by clicking on the following links:

  1. Argyle House Main Reception and Hospitality
  2. Bill Struth Main Stand Club Deck Hospitality
  3. Bill Struth Main Stand East Concourse
  4. Bill Struth Main Stand Front Tier
  5. Bill Struth Main Stand Hospitality
  6. Bill Struth Main Stand Rear Tier
  7. Bill Struth Main Stand West Concourse
  8. Broomloan Stand Front Tier
  9. Broomloan Stand Rear Tier (Family Section)
  10. Broxi’s Den – Safe and Quiet Space
  11. Copland Stand Front Tier
  12. Copland Stand Rear Tier
  13. Food and Drink
  14. Getting to Ibrox Stadium
  15. Ibrox Suite
  16. Matchday Parking
  17. Outer Concourse
  18. Rangers Megastore
  19. Sandy Jardine East Stand (Ibrox Suite)
  20. Sandy Jardine Stand Front Tier
  21. Sandy Jardine Stand Rear Tier
  22. Sandy Jardine West Stand (Away Section)
  23. Ticket Office