THE Rangers Charity Foundation has launched a new initiative to bring fun and helpful activities to you, whilst you’re staying home and staying safe.

#AFoundationFromHome is a collection of resources which you can access during this difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic – from home workouts, to football challenges and educational worksheets for children!

Activity Worksheets for Children

Week 11 – Download me here!

Week 10 – Download me here!

Week 9 – Download me here!

Week 8 – Download me here!

Week 7 – Download me here! 

Week 6 – Download me here!

Week 5 – Download me here!

Week 4 – Download me here!

Week 3 – Download me here!

Week 2 – Download me here

Week 1 – download me here!

These five page worksheets offer youngsters the chance to practice their maths, languages and healthy lifestyle skills – all with a fun Rangers twist!

Why not try editing these worksheets on an iPad at home, or print them off for some fun colouring-in? If it helps, you can also email the Foundation on [email protected] and they’ll post it out to you as soon as possible!

We’d all love to see your completed worksheets, or images of the family enjoying them! If you’d like, you can share these on social media tagging @RFC_Charity and using #AFoundationFromHome.

Football Memories Videos 

Football Memories helps to improve the lives of football fans with dementia by using football images and memorabilia from the past to aid recall and memory. We talk about teams and matches from the past and work with images to stimulate memories and conversation.

To support our participants and their carers during this difficult time, we’ve developed a series of videos which share highlights and statistic from Rangers Lengends gone by. You can watch and share these by the links below.

Week 10 – Jim Forrest – watch me here! 

Week 9 – John Greig – watch me here!

Week 8 – Gordon Smith – watch me here!

Week 7 – Tommy McLean – watch me here!

Week 6 – Willie Johnston – watch me here!

Week 5 – Davie Cooper – watch me here!

Week 4 – Derek Johnstone – watch me here!

Week 3 – Willie Henderson – watch me here! 

Week 2 – Davie Wilson – watch me here!

Week 1 – Ralph Brand – watch me here!

Football Fans in Training Home Workouts

Struggling to keep on track of your exercise regime from home?

A lot of the Foundation’s Football Fans in Training participants are missing their weekly workout sessions at Ibrox, so Community Coach, Harry, is bringing them to you! These body weight exercises will help you stay on track.

Part 12 – watch me here!

Part 11watch me here!

Part 10 – watch me here!

Part 9 – watch me here!

Part 8 – watch me here!

Part 7 – watch me here!

Part 6 – watch me here!

Part 5 – watch me here!

Part 4 – watch here!

Part 3 – watch me here! 

Part 2 – watch me here!

Part 1 – watch me here!

Don’t forget! Share your home workouts with us using #FFITfromhome and @RFC_Charity!


Can you complete these football challenges from home?

The Foundation’s Senior Community Executive, Jordan, is on hand to test your skills with fun activities which you can try from the safety of your own home.

These videos were initially designed for the Autism Friendly Football and Visually Impaired Football participants – but we thought you might all enjoy giving them a go! The Foundation would like to say a special thank you to Better Breaks Funding for supporting these programmes.

Don’t forget to share your efforts with us on social media! Tag @RFC_Charity and use #RangersCharityChallenge. Good luck and enjoy!

Week 11 – watch me here!

Week 10 – watch me here!

Week 9 – watch me here!

Week 8 – watch me here!

Week 7 – watch me here!

Week 6 – watch me here!

Week 5 – watch me here!

Week 4 – watch me here!

Week 3 – watch me here!

Week 2 – download me here!

Week 1 – watch me here!


Community Resources

These are unprecedented and challenging times for us all. But no one should have to face it alone. You are not alone.

Together with our friends across Glasgow, the Foundation has compiled a list of community resources and services which you can access for food deliveries, advice and more.

View the comprehensive list HERE.

Don’t be a stranger! If you’d like to speak with a member of the team at the Rangers Charity Foundation for any reason, email [email protected].


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