MARK WARBURTON believes the young players in his Rangers squad will learn from the mistakes that were made in Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Livingston.

With a 1-0 lead in place at half time – thanks to Jason Holt’s excellent finish – the Light Blues were in a strong position to claim three Championship points at the Tony Macaroni Arena.

After the break, however, Myles Hippolyte equalised in the 51st minute and Rangers were unable to get their noses back in front.

The second-half performance, in particular, disappointed Warburton and the analysis from the game highlighted that – despite having almost 70 percent of possession – the players let their high standards dip after half time.

The manager said: “Yeah and that’s a key point for us. If you go into the detail of the game, our number of passes dropped significantly, by a third almost in the second half compared to the first half.

“Individual possession stats were lower in the second half so we have to look at that. What can we do better, why did that happen, how do we learn from it?

“So we’re doing that, Neil McIlhargey and Steve (Harvey) and all the work that these guys do in the analysis department. That’s why they are here, helping the players individually and as a unit to be better.”

Warburton continued: “The only way you learn is by mistakes. We have to look at it and we will be better for it. The movement could be better, the timing of pass, the quality of first touch, all the things you take for granted. It relies on the technique and the boys work every day, their work ethic has been first class.

“But as I said it’s that little bit of cleverness and it’s what we do day in day out. So keep doing it, keep working hard and the results will come.

I see calls for Plan B and Plan C and big strikers and being more direct. We’ve got to be better, Plan B is doing Plan A better. I’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, that’s what we have to do.

“Move the ball quicker, take greater care, better decision making, show the quality, get the rewards. That’s what we do and we rely on the experience of the older players as well.

“They’ve got a key role for us going forward, but there is no doubt the young players are learning, they are getting better week by week and we are in good shape right now.”

Warburton, speaking to RangersTV at Murray Park yesterday, has been delighted with the form his squad has produced so far this term and he believes every players will only get stronger.

He added: “Very much so and we have to remember the ages.

“The eleven players that came in over the summer, the average age is below 22, so it’s a very important fact that they are learning.

“One fan said to me that Gedion looked too weak physically. He’s 18 with tremendous technical skills but he’s developing. He’s developing physically and he’ll be a different shape in two years’ time.

“The work he is doing every day here with the guys will impact on him in a positive manner.

“So they have to recognise they are young but they are learning the game and relishing the responsibility of being a Rangers player. They’ve learned a lot in a short period of time.”

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